Job Opening: Parent Mentoring/Educator

Position Description

Provide strength based services to adults, children, youth, and families where one or more family member(s) experiences abusive behavior or acts abusively toward others. Abusive behaviors include such behaviors as sexually maladaptive behaviors, substance abuse, physically abusive behaviors, neglect of children, and/or domestic violence. A range of services are provided to the families through home-based strategies that fall under the DCS service standard of case management, parent aid, parent mentor, and supervised visit facilitator. Responsible for coordinating continuum of goals for all assigned clients and their families ensuring optimum utilization of resources, service delivery, and compliance with external agencies and referral sources requirements. Responsible for coordinating services, discharge activities, and various duties related to coordinating treatment. Provide skills to parents in a structured manner using a model accepted by DCS standard and Pathway. Will have training of parenting curriculum.

The contract employee in this position is expected to provide 30 days notice prior to voluntary resignation. A probationary period of 90 days is required.


Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

Education: High School Diploma

Experience: Preferred experience in Human Services field such as Psychology or Social Work.

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